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What Are the Different Types of Smoke Detectors?

5/9/2022 (Permalink)

There are two main types of smoke detectors used in homes today, ionization and photoelectric. There is also a third kind called a “dual sensor” that uses both technologies.

Ionization smoke detectors contain a small amount of radioactive material between to electrically charged plates, which ionizes the air and causes current to flow between the plates. When smoke enters the chamber it disrupts the flow of ions, reducing the flow of current which triggers the alarm. These alarms generally respond faster to fast flaming fires.

Photoelectric smoke detectors aim a light source into a sensing chamber away from the sensor. When smoke enters the chamber, it causes the light to reflect onto the sensor which triggers the alarm. These detectors are generally more responsive to smoldering fires.

There is a lot of debate on which detector is best to use in your home, but the reality is that ever fire is different and it’s impossible to predict which kind it will be in the event of a fire in your home. Using a dual sensor alarm or using both kinds of devices in your home will help to eliminate the uncertainty but the most important thing you can do to increase the effectiveness of your home’s smoke detectors is to place them properly in your home and have the correct amount to properly keep you safe. There should be at least one smoke detector on every level of your home and should also be installed in every bedroom and sleeping area.

Smoke detectors are meant to help keep you and your family safe in the event of a fire by notifying you quickly enough that you can get to safety. A quick response in the event of a fire can also help to lessen the amount of damage that the fire causes, however in the event of any fire, you’ll likely need the help of a professional service to clean and repair the damage that’s been caused. SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus is available 24/7, 365 days a year for emergency services should your home experience a fire. Please give us a call or fill out a form online and let us know how we can help get your life back to “Like it never even happened.”

Top Work Places Richmond Times Dispatch

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

For the last nine years Richmond Times-Dispatch has partnered with Top Workplaces to survey the employees of companies in the greater Richmond area and rank the area’s top workplaces. This year, SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus is excited to announce that thanks to our wonderful #TeamBahen we’ve made the list! The award is based solely on the feedback provided by our employees in an anonymous survey administered by Energage. Only 87 companies made the list this year, and we’re incredibly proud to be a part of it!

Our team has over 35 years of experience serving our local community and beyond, and we have grown to be one of the largest SERVPRO franchises on the East Coast. We strive to create a workplace with ample opportunity for our employees to learn and grow their career with a company they’re excited to be a part of. With over 130 employees, we are proud to say that 18 employees have been employed for 10+ years and 26 employees have been employed for 5+ years. We know our success as a company would not be achievable without the hard work and dedication of our employees and we’re very grateful that our staff considers SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus to be one of the top workplaces in Richmond!

How and Why Is My Toilet Leaking?

4/19/2022 (Permalink)

Sewer backups and toilet leaks are some of the more frustrating water damages to happen to your home or business since a good majority of the time the water from these kinds of leaks is considered blackwater and highly contaminated. This makes cleanup more difficult compared to other kinds of water damage. Today, we wanted to share with you some common causes of toilet leaks in hopes that you’ll be able to help prevent them from happening to you.

Pipes – Impurities in the water, and time in general can corrode metal pipes and cause them to rust out and break. While these leaks are harder to prevent since it is not really possible to check the insides of every water pipe, regular inspections of your home or business can help to identify small leaks or damage before they turn into bigger issues.

Tank/Bowl – These are pretty durable, but over time can weaken and what was once a hairline crack in the bowl can expand with stress and time. If you see any cracks or chipping in your toilet bowl or tank it’s likely a good idea to consider replacing the toilet before it gets worse.

Fill Valve – This is what controls the flow of water that refills the tank after you flush if not functioning properly the valve will not shut off the flow of water and the toilet will constantly run. This is problematic for many reasons including a high water bill, as well is if the toilet clogs the water can overflow and won’t stop running.

Flush Valve – This is what allows water to flow into the bowl after you flush. Over time the seals on these valves can degrade. This can lead to continuously running toilets or leaks if left alone.

Toilet leaks and sewer backups are water damages that should be left to a professional to handle. Water damage of this kind can be harmful if not properly handled. If your home or business experiences water damage from a toilet or of any other kind, do not delay and give SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus a call. Time is of the essence when water damage is involved and the longer you wait, the worse it can get.

Protecting Your Data From Fire and Water Damage

3/21/2022 (Permalink)

As leaders in the fire and water damage restoration industry, every day we come face to face with how easy it is for things to get lost, broken, or even completely destroyed by one of these events. People often consider how to protect their physical property in these events but without proper precautions it’s just as easy to lose your digital property as well. Family photos, digitized personal or work documents, movie and music collections, and any other important things in your life that are stored digitally can be lost in an instant if your computer suffers from fire, smoke, or water damage. It’s important to make sure that you’re backing up your data to help keep it safe. Below are some of the different ways that you can achieve this goal and safeguard your digital property.

CDs & DVDs – CDs or compact discs, have been used for quite a while as a means to store things like music and movies. They’re a decent solution for small amounts of files if you can keep them organized and safe. The biggest issue with CDs is that they are very limited in storage space so large amounts of files can be difficult to manage as the number of discs stack up every time you make a new one. Additionally, discs degrade overtime, and the data can be corrupted or lost if not properly stored. CD backups are an older solution that can work in a pinch but is not recommended as your main backup source.

USB or external hard drive – These options are a much easier and more portable solution for backing up your personal data. USB sticks are often not more than a few inches long and quick to be able to stick in your pocket and external hard drives are not much bigger but can hold even more data on them. As technology improves the storage space on both of these devices continues to increase. The drawback for using these as your backup source is that unless it’s stored somewhere other than your home, it also faces the chance of being susceptible to fire and water damage.

Cloud Storage – While not technically a new concept, cloud storage is growing in popularity as a means to secure your data. Solutions like Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive have made keeping your data backed up and accessible as easy as it’s ever been. Cloud storage also has the added bonus that your data is stored offsite, so even if your computer is completely destroyed, all of the data that you’ve backed up is still completely safe and accessible by basically any device with an internet connection. Many companies offer small amounts of storage for free, but you can also pay to scale up your storage to whatever needs you may have.

While data backups are the ideal way to protect your digital property, sometimes it’s not feasible, or even your backup was damaged. That’s why here at SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus we also offer contents restoration. Our highly trained team of restoration experts can help to try and restore the items in your home to pre loss conditions instead of just throwing out anything that was damaged. This also includes electronics. We will bring them back to our warehouse to be disassembled and cleaned according to best practices. While some items may be more damaged than we can fix, SERVPRO’s contents restoration services can save some electronics that otherwise would have been considered lost.

Rental Property Fire Odors

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

When your rental property suffers from a fire, once all of the water and fire damage is cleaned up you’re still left with a property infested with the terrible smell of smoke lingering on everything. Getting rid of smells can be a difficult task as the smoke permeates lots of surfaces and gets absorbed and stuck within walls, carpets, home belongings, and more. Without a professional’s experience the task can seem almost impossible to address.

Give us a call at SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus and let our trained team of technicians take care of it for you. Continue reading below for some steps that are taken by our team to help make your properties livable again.

  • First, proper air flow is crucial in order to get all the lingering particles in the air out of the building. Open windows and fans help move the air around and drive out the foul smell.
  • All contaminated fabrics should be removed and cleaned using different techniques identified by our team of professionals based on the materials they’re made up of.
  • Walls, ceilings, and other surfaces in the house are washed carefully to help ensure that there is nothing left over to cause any more odor and, in some cases, may also even be repainted.
  • A duct and HVAC cleaning must also be done to prevent any hidden or invisible particles from within them from spreading around the property again after the cleaning has been done.

As you can see, there odor mitigation can be a lengthy and intensive process but, we at SERVPRO are here to help every step of the way.

Storms Myths vs. Facts

1/7/2022 (Permalink)

Storms are certainly a sight to behold and every year it seems there are some common safety misconceptions regarding how you should handle yourself during a severe weather event. Here at your local SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus we know that you and your family’s safety is your top priority, so we wanted to dispel some common storm safety myths in hopes that maybe we can help you protect your loved ones!

Myth: Highway overpasses are good shelters against tornadoes.

Fact: Overpasses can actually concentrate the wind from the storm and make things even more dangerous. Being above ground level is dangerous during a tornado.

Myth: Big vehicles like trucks and SUVs are safe to drive through flood waters.

Fact: NO vehicles are safe to drive through flood waters. It takes less than two feet of water to completely float most vehicles and if the water is moving rapidly, you can be easily swept away.

Myth: Flash floods only occur along areas with flowing water like streams and rivers.

Fact: Flash floods can occur almost anywhere that does not have the ability to properly drain water from a storm fast enough. This includes dry creek beds and even urban areas where no creaks or streams are present at all.

Myth: You are safe from lightning inside your home.

Fact: Since lightning is electricity, if your home is struck it could potentially travel through the wiring of your home and injure you should you be using them. It’s best to be extra cautious and avoid using electrical appliances and the bath/shower during a storm.

While sharing these myths is meant to help keep you and your family safer during storms, sometimes damage to your home is unavoidable. If you should find yourself with a damaged home after a storm give us a call and let us know how we can help!

What to Know About Foundation Damage

12/8/2021 (Permalink)

The foundation your house sits on is the most important part of your home’s structure. When people talk about what they’re doing to help prevent any water damage from affecting their homes, most would say they weren’t doing much of anything to protect their foundations. While ideally the way your house was built should help to mitigate any water damage from happening to your property’s foundation, this kind of damage can lead to cracks in the foundation and cause it to shift. This can weaken its structure and end up compromising the structural stability of your entire home. If you find yourself being one of those people we mentioned above, here are some tips to help prevent any water damage to your foundation:

Place a sump pump in your basement/make sure it functions properly – Sump pumps are designed to remove groundwater that has seeped into your foundation from around the property quickly so that it does not cause any damage. It is important to regularly inspect your pump and ensure it is working correctly so that when you need it no problems arise.

Clean your gutters and use downspouts – Cleaning your gutters is an important part of making sure your home is properly protected from water damage in many ways, but speaking for your foundation, a clean gutter will allow water to properly flow into your downspouts and AWAY from your property. Using downspouts to direct the water away from your foundation helps prevent it from pooling around your home and getting into the foundation to cause damage

Don’t let soil around your foundation completely dry out – This might sound slightly counterintuitive, however in times where there is little rain, and your soil is completely dried out it can shrink and cause gaps between it and the foundation. Then, when rain finally does come the soil can rapidly expand and put unexpected pressure on parts of your home’s foundation or pool in those gaps and get into the foundations structure and cause damage.

We hope you take advantage of these tips and that they help to prevent any water damage to the foundation of your home, but if you should find yourself with a basement full of water, or any other manor of water damage to your home we’re ready and waiting 24/7, 365 days a year to take your call.

Kitchen Fire Prevention

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

While everyone enjoys a home cooked meal, nobody likes dealing with fire damage in their kitchen. While accidents happen and sometimes there’s just nothing you can do about it, there are some things that you CAN do that can help prevent dangerous kitchen fires from damaging your home.

  • Always watch your cooking – it can be tempting to step away from the stove, especially when you’re missing your favorite TV show but make sure that you never leave your stove unattended while the heating elements are on
  • Set a timer – Set timers so that you don’t forget that an appliance is turned on and being used or so your food doesn’t start to burn
  • Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen – Make sure you have a fire extinguisher near your cooking area and also that it is accessible quickly in the event of an emergency
  • Clean appliances -Be sure to wipe down appliances when you’re done cooking to prevent any grease or food buildup that could catch on fire
  • Dust your kitchen – Dust buildup around electrical wiring is a big fire hazard
  • Smoke alarms – Make sure that you have a smoke alarm in your kitchen and most importantly that it is functioning properly
  • If something does catch on fire in a pot or pan, if possible, cover the fire with a lid to smother the flames and immediately turn off the burner
  • If you have a grease fire DO NOT use water to put it out, instead use baking soda to absorb the grease and smother the flames. Water can actually make a grease fire worse.

Follow these tips to help make sure your home is safe from kitchen fires but remember when accidents happen SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus is here to help.

Similarities Between Military and Working at SERVPRO

11/12/2021 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Chesterfield and SERVPRO of Tri-Cities, Plus we understand that the transition from military service to the workforce back at home isn’t always the easiest. SERVPRO strives to be a company that supports our service men and women in every way we can. Check out our list below to discover how working for SERVPRO can relate back to your military experience.

  • SERVPRO takes teamwork and leadership seriously.
  • We are constantly training, and our employees learn new skills every day.
  • The employee structure and path to progression are clear and excellence in service is rewarded – There are many opportunities for advancement if you put in the work.
  • Every day is different, each job comes with its own set of challenges and no two are alike.
  • The physical and mental challenges of the jobs will help keep you engaged and motivated.

You’ve served your country, now you can come work at SERVPRO and serve your local community, helping others get their lives back on track after disaster strikes.

SERVPRO Handles Large Disasters

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

When large disasters hit an area the damage to buildings can be catastrophic. From fires to floods and water damage it takes a team of professionals to bring things back to normal. SERVPRO is here to help. Our disaster recovery team has the skills and knowledge to get the job done no matter how big and here’s why:

While our franchise is locally owned and operated, our SERVPRO network spans the nation giving us the resources and connections to respond faster to any location. Faster response times help prevent further damage from continuing to affect the area, ultimately reducing the overall cleanup costs.

 We have a team of highly specialized disaster recovery technicians that train specifically in the handling of large disasters and have played roles in huge recovery projects including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Our employees are IICRC certified in all areas of disaster recovery including fire damage, flood and water damage, mold mitigation and more.

Part of any post-disaster efforts is dealing with insurance companies. SERVPRO works closely with insurance agents and has developed countless contacts and relationships within the industry making the process a smoother and more productive effort.

Disasters take their toll, and cleanup efforts certainly sometimes feel unmanageable, but rest assured you can count on SERVPRO to respond faster to any disaster with the knowledge and resources needed to tackle any project big or small.